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NSS unit activities

  • Selected as best NSS unit by M.G University in 2013-14.
  • Conducts orientation programmes.
  • Unit engages in activities beneficial for the needy.
  • Every year 7 days residential camping programme for volunteers is conducted regularly


  • Conducts annual round of PTA meetings twice in every academic year.
  • Meetings include discussion of individual student's attendance, class behavior and Academic performance.


  • Every year the college keeps aside a few days to encourage sports activities and talents among the students.

Arts Club

  • The Arts Club of our college encourages the artistic and cultural talents of the students through various programmes and competitions.

Nature club

  • Promotes the development of green campus and awareness for protection of trees.

Women's Cell

  • The cell works actively to redress grievances of lady staff and female students.

Anti-Ragging Cell

  • As per the University rules, the Anti-Ragging Cell was formed and is very vigilant in checking any kind of ragging activities inside the campus.

Entrepreneur cell

  • The cell works actively to bring up prospective entrepreneurs.